What makes fundraising campaigns work?

Charities are under pressure to make every penny spent on marketing campaigns count. But how do you know what’s working?

Matt Moorut | 29th May 15

According to the audience behaviour specialists at Quantcast, marketing attribution could help third sector organisations tell their stories more successfully.

Marketing attribution is the process of identifying which combination of actions — from emails and social media posts to paid search and display ads — is responsible for driving the highest number of people to the ‘donate’ page. In other words, it’s a sure-fire way to see which marketing activities are doing the most for your cause.

But as powerful as marketing attribution can be even for digital marketing experts disagree over which tack to take. That’s why Quantcast created the ‘Guide to Marketing Attribution’, a comprehensive overview of marketing attribution strategies.

As the experts at Quantcast write: “Although attribution presents some challenges, implementing the right strategy provides an opportunity to significantly improve the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.”

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