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UK charities jump on board e-card venture

UK charities are getting on board a social enterprise that provides them with a new means to receive donations – an innovative take on the £1.4bn greeting card market. encourages people to celebrate occasions with e-cards, and to donate the cost of printed greeting cards to charity.

The web venture, supported by The School for Social Entrepreneurs at The Dartington Hall Trust, has already attracted a number of charities.

Users can give to a cause in two ways; either requesting e-cards and fundraising, or sending e-cards and donating. In each case the cost of greeting cards goes to the designated charity via PayPal or credit card.

Founder Alex Furness says: “The reciprocation of cards can be very costly, especially on occasions such as Christmas, where multiple cards are sent each way. By shifting to a digital version of receiving sentiment i.e, free e-cards, what would have been spent on cards goes to causes people care about, with our system of attaching donations of the cost of cards.”

Charities wishing to be listed can register their organisation here.

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