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Headway East London launches new online project

Hackney-based charity Headway East London has launched a new website Who Are You Now?, which tells the life stories of people affected by brain injury.

The online project currently features five first-hand narratives and coincides with newly released statistics revealing that London hospital admissions for acquired brain injuries are up 17% since 2006/7.

Survivors, in their own words, tell us who they were, what happened to them and how they have been changed by their experiences.

Laura Owens, Communications Manager at Headway East London says: “Launching this new website during Action for Brain Injury Week (18-24 May) and alongside Headway UK’s report aims to increase awareness of a growing issue in both the local area and the UK.”

“The report’s figures will definitely surprise the many people who have no idea how common brain injuries are. Whilst medical advances thankfully mean a large number of people now survive, the reality is that many of them will need extensive ongoing support rebuilding their lives”.

Development Director Ben Graham adds: “With Who Are You Now? we want to give a voice to those who can best explain what it’s like to live with an acquired brain injury. The causes, effects and consequences can vary enormously, and by hearing directly from those affected we can better understand and assist them.”

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