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How to use the cloud to alleviate security issues

Every nonprofit around the world has concerns about data security. But what steps can you take to ensure donor data is kept safe?

Did you know that the cloud can help your organisation?

Cloud technology has well and truly changed how charities operate, and it is here to stay. It can help with:

  1. Bring Your Own Device. Charities using BYOD open up a whole new truckload of security issues, from malware threats to lost or stolen devices. However, data stored on the cloud will have additional security hurdles that must be cleared.
  2. Credit card donations. A cloud computing system will give you peace of mind that your provider has invested in meeting strict security needs than your charity could not meet alone when handling high volumes of online donations.
  3. Working in the field. Charity employees often work remotely, in high risk areas, handling vulnerable data. With cloud, access to information can be blocked immediately upon the theft of a device.
  4. High turnover of staff. Charities are more vulnerable to data thefts due to the ever changing workforce. Cloud technology will give you the power to easily give specific individuals access, while denying it to others.

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