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Charity sector to benefit from NPC’s Digital Transformation project

Think tank NPC has launched a new programme, Digital Transformation, which will bring together charities with some of the biggest names in tech.

The charity sector lags well behind business and government in the way it exploits technology. According to research by Lloyd’s Bank, the majority of charities lack even basic digital skills, compared to fewer than 1 in 4 small businesses.

The Digital Transformation project will encourage the voluntary sector to adopt the sort of digital technology already transforming our lives elsewhere—from wearable tech that tracks improvements in people’s health to marketplaces that give even the smallest business a global shop window.

NPC will also hold two Digital Transformation events in July 2015 to explore how technology can enhance charity impact, in London and Manchester, to convene forums for major thinkers and charity leaders.

Tris Lumley, Director of Development at NPC, said: “Private companies have been developing and harnessing innovative tech for years, to get better services to their customers. The public sector is in on the act, too, as governments experiment with information-sharing and delivering services. Meanwhile charities lag some way behind. Digital Transformation aims to redress the balance, and get the charity sector involved in adapting the latest technology to its purposes. This can be small innovations or a complete overhaul of how some charities work. But at its best it can transform the fundamental architecture of the whole sector.

We are extremely excited at the calibre of people who are joining us for this initiative. IBM, localgiving and others have transformed how we live our lives every day, and now they are ready to help ensure that the latest technology is geared towards doing social good.”

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