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Digital personas: the secret to connecting with donors (Video)

Digital tools have given charities more information about and access to their donors than ever before. But how can creating ‘digital personas’ help to start one-on-one conversations?

In this video Richard Craig, CEO of Tech Trust, explains the basics of communicating to potential and existing donors as individuals through the creation of digital personas. By using digital tools to collect information like age, gender, location and interests, Richard says, charities can build valuable one-on-one relationships with the people most likely to give.

He also discusses how non-profits can build platforms and develop skill sets for the digital world.

This video is produced in conjunction with leading charity CRM experts, Advanced NFP, with the aim to help charities understand more about making the most of digital.

Watch the video below to learn more about connecting with the people who matter most to your organisation.

To find out more about digital personas, you can also download Advanced NFP’s whitepaper, How can non-profits capitalise on digitally disruptive technologies?, using the form below:

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