5 simple steps to starting (and growing!) a recurring donor programme

On average, recurring donors give more money for longer than single-gift donors. How can you build a successful recurring donor programme in your organisation? 

Matt Moorut | 8th May 15

According to the donor relationship experts at DonorPerfect, the reasons for establishing and nurturing a recurring donor programme are many: Not only does your retention rate more than double, but your organisation raises more money for its mission. But where do you start?

According to DonorPerfect: “The donors currently in your database represent a hidden treasure trove of funds just waiting to be found (or in this case, asked!). You don’t need a treasure map to uncover this gold. You just need the right strategy and the right tools.”

In the “Monthly Giving Starter Kit” DonorPerfect covers the basics of starting and growing a recurring donor programme, breaking the process into five simple steps. From convincing your board to approaching your donors, this guide was designed specifically to help organisations like yours retain more donors and raise more money year after year.

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