Just a few days left to enter Tech4Good Awards

As we count down the final few days for entering for Tech4Good Awards 2015, organiser Mark Walker of AbilityNet has put together a few hints and tips for those last minute entries.

| 6th May 15

There are now just a few days left to enter the Tech4Good Awards 2015, an annual showcase for the people who use digital technology to make the world a better place.

As we count down the final few days for entering for Tech4Good Awards 2015, Awards organiser Mark Walker, AbilityNet, has put together a few hints and tips for those last minute entries.

Focus on a specific project
My top tip is to focus on a particular project or achievement. You may have all sorts of interesting pieces of work under one banner but the judges are looking for eye-catching ideas that can inspire others. Make it punchy and pick something that really stands out – something that defines what you do and is truly Award-winning. You may want to mention other work that is relevant but think about adding details once you’ve caught their eye with a really strong idea.

Enter more than once
Some of your work may be better in one category than another – or you may think it’s a great piece of work that delivers a whole load of different outcomes. In which case enter more than one Award!

Help us pick you as a winner
Every year we’re introduced to new and amazing organisations and individuals across the UK – products, projects, charities and businesses that we don’t know about. We’re looking for entries that give us a clear picture as quickly as possible. How many people you’ve helped, how much money you’ve saved, the potential size of the market.

Don’t bombard us with numbers

Just pick the key things you’ve achieved so that we know how special you are. It also means we can move you between categories – you may not be the strongest in one Award but your achievements may make you a leading contender in another category. The more you tell us the better we can decide where you belong.

Entries close on Monday 11th May at 5pm. Click here to enter.