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Google SEO changes: mobile-optimised or fail (Guest Post)

In this guest post, Matt Moorut of Tech Trust talks about why charities should embrace the recent changes to Google and how important it is to be optimised for mobile devices. 

Google has just implemented one of its largest changes to the way it ranks pages on searches, and is now paying much closer attention to how websites perform on mobile devices.

They’ve done this with the aim of improving the browsing experience for the growing number of users on phone and tablet.

As more and more traffic is moving from desktop to mobile, this isn’t something you should resist, but embrace. If not, you risk your SEO ranking declining, which has been proven to play a big part in how effectively charities are able to raise funds online.

How does your site work on mobile?

If you don’t know whether or not your site is mobile-optimised, the place to look is here. You just have to type in your website’s url address and bingo – you’ll have your answer.

Thankfully, if you do need to update your site, Google has listed some really good advice here. It really is worth clicking that link and having a read through so you know what sorts of issues to take to your developers if needs be.

And if you find that your site doesn’t work well on mobile, you can see which pages are failing and even the exact elements to change in your website’s Webmaster Tools section, at (you’ll need to sign in first).

What you should do

For smaller charities using a cheap, standard template, you should still check how your site performs on mobile devices. If it’s failing badly, contact the people who designed the template to see if they’re planning on releasing a bulk update to bring it in line. If you can’t get a reply and your site is still far from meeting the new criteria, it’s worth purchasing a new template (and make sure it’s one that is mobile-optimised).

Similarly, if you outsource your web design, you should get in touch with the designers and ask them to update your site for you. As the changes were announced back in February, any web designer worth their salt should be able to make the changes you require.

If you manage your site yourself, take a good look through Google’s advice, which is, to Google’s credit, quite elaborative on the subject and in terms of what you need to do to stay up to date.

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