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How to make the most of Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for capturing spontaneous moments and giving insight into what your charity gets up to behind the scenes, yet many organisations have yet to embrace it.

The platform is now bigger than Twitter and is used by over half of young adults aged 18-29.

Check out these top tips for making the most of Instagram:

  1. Involve people directly in action. It feels very personal, very “live-action.” Whether you’re on the frontline or in the office, share a snap of what you’re doing to harbour a personal connection with your followers.
  2. Build your brand. Cover issues and success stories related to your charity. Tailor your posts to go hand in hand with what is happening around the world.
  3. Get supporters involved. Ask your Instagram community to take part in photo challenges or use a specific hashtag to boost engagement.
  4. Connect with young people. Instagram have a massive youth following. What do young people care about? Be aware of key dates and issues that young people face on a day-to-day basis. Use direct experiences of young people and encourage others to share their stories.
  5. Be clear on what you want to achieve. What are your goals? Engage with what is trending among the Instagram community and get involved when you can.

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