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Support Adoption For Pets launches #MakesMeSmile campaign

Support Adoption For Pets has launched its 2015 spring fundraising campaign with an aim to raise half a million pounds in less than four weeks.

The key element to the multiplatform campaign is for pet lovers to socially share pictures of their smiling pets using a cut-out smile stick created by the charity.  

The #MakesMeSmile appeal launched on 15th April and incorporates a range of digital and in-store activities. Pet lovers will be able to download a cut-out smile from the Support Adoption For Pets website and make a donation of £1 per smile.

Amy Wilson, Charity Manager at Support Adoption For Pets said: “These fundraising drives are vital to replenish our funds so we can keep local animal sanctuaries across the UK fully functioning. Over the last eight years we have given away over £10 million, helping over 900 animal re-homing and welfare organisations. We want to continue to provide this level of support and this is reliant on our fundraising drives.” 

“Our Christmas fundraising drive, Santa Paws, was extremely successful, raising over £291,000, however we always aim to surpass the previous amount raised so the charity continues to grow. We have developed this campaign predominantly around social media so can create a viral effect to raise awareness and support throughout the UK.”

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