How to build a digital-first culture in your organisation

A lack of IT knowledge and skills is undermining the ability of UK charities to develop and deliver digital services, according to new research. How can your organisation buck the trend?

Matt Moorut | 23rd Apr 15

A survey of more than 100 senior decision makers in the third sector, carried out by not-for-profit IT provider Eduserv, has highlighted serious cultural and structural obstacles to digital transformation in the third sector.

According to Eduserv 51 per cent of UK charities have not invested in hiring in or developing the skills to support digital transformation, while 41 per cent feel that their trustees do not understand the importance of IT.

A full four in ten of those working in charity sector IT were unhappy with the priority it gets in the organisation and the vast majority of charity leaders and IT teams  – 70 per cent – said they are failing to work together effectively to plan ahead.

An analysis of the survey’s full results, plus insights gleaned from a round table discussion with seven charity leaders, is available in “Creating the Right Environment for Digital Transformation”, a comprehensive report on how charities can tackle cultural and structural challenges to make digital transformation a success.

Tim Cockle, head of digital services at Eduserv, said: “Our research shows there is a wider need for charities to build a digital-first culture beyond their core IT and digital teams so they can increase the pace of change. This needs to start with the trustees and leaders at the top so that they are structured, managed and organised in a way which effectively supports digital transformation.”

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