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How to boost your charity’s online presence

There are so many online channels it can be hard to know which ones your charity should prioritise.

Similarly, there are likely to be other charities championing the same cause, how do you make yourself stand out?

You can use online tools and interactions to your own benefit, and if done well, will make your charity the go-to place for a specific issue.

So how can you get your online presence just right, even if resources are tight? Check out these top three tips:

  1. Invest in your website. No matter how great you are on social media channels, if your website is lacking you will lose out on donations. Your charity’s website is the place people go to find out more about you, and ultimately to make a donation. Content is key. Make it shareable. Include videos, stories, links to social media, and a strong call to action. Make the donation process as easy as possible.
  2. Know your audience inside out. Your charity will be involved in interaction across the whole online space. People using Twitter may be interacting differently than those using Facebook. They might want a speedier response, for example. Identify the tone of each channel, and which topics users engage with most.
  3. Set clear goals and don’t be afraid of failure. Before jumping on the latest social media craze, create a plan. What do you hope to achieve? Who are you targeting? Measure your performance against these goals and of it’s not working, re-evaluate and try a different technique.

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