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Age UK unveils ‘No Friends’ ad campaign

Age UK has launched a new ad campaign ‘No Friends’ in response to Facebook’s first ever British ad campaign about how it creates friendships.

The charity’s posters highlight loneliness among older people and encourage people to donate £3 by text to help provide the older generation with companionship, support and advice.

The campaign was created by Adam Collins and Mark Campion, with creative direction from Russell Ramsey, the executive creative director at JWT.

Marianne Hewitt, the head of brand at Age UK, said: “At Age UK we know how devastating loneliness can be for older people. Being lonely not only makes life miserable, it is also really bad for our health, making us more vulnerable to illness and disease. It’s time we took loneliness seriously as a threat to a happy and healthy later life. We need to do more to support older people to stay socially connected: this is a big part of our job at Age UK and everyone can help by being a good friend or neighbour to the older people they know.”

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  • Joanna

    With redundancies rife – I have just lost my part in the End Loneliness scheme. I hope this campaign works, but also am a bit annoyed with it, as it clearly divested funds from the programme i was part of.