CharityCASH’s David Shackleton on the power of embedded giving (Interview)

Embedded giving is revolutionising the way nonprofits interact with their donors. We spoke to David Shackleton, founding director of CharityCASH, about how it can bolster any charity’s fundraising efforts.

Matt Moorut | 14th Apr 15

Launched in 2014, CharityCASH’s multi-store charity gift card combines charitable donations with a gift card that works at over 21,000 retail and online stores.

Here David Shackleton, founding director, explains embedded giving.

What was the impetus behind CharityCASH’s development?

CharityCASH was formed with a belief that embedding donations into everyday products will become key for every charity’s fundraising success and that we could lead the way to this new category of donation.  As well as enabling existing supporters to engage in a new way, it’s a simple way for new or lapsed supporters to engage easily.

How does it work?

Our gift card platform is the first of our embedded giving products. Charities and non-profits get their own fully branded website which supporters use to buy beautiful, custom-designed gift cards.  Corporate supporters can also directly purchase larger quantities of the charity’s gift cards for use as rewards for employees, customers, suppliers and the like.

The cards are offered at two values: £50, with £10 plus GiftAid going straight to the charity, and £25, £5 of which goes straight to the charity. The user can then spend the remainder of the funds at most major UK retailers including Amazon, Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Halfords, Topman, Waterstones, Argos and hundreds more.

How successful has embedded giving proven to be?

The platform has been delivering outstanding results for charities, with most people opting into gift aid and an average order for three gift cards each time. The traction since launch just last December has been immense, with the average value for each gift card ordered at £35. It’s proving to be a fantastic and effective fundraising tool all year round.

Most exciting is that we’re seeing 75% of orders across the whole platform happening from mobile devices like phones and tablets, which is evidence that making it easy helps people engage.

 Do you have any other offerings?

CharityCASH’s fast expanding TurboDonate™ platform includes several donation and mobile products, all under the charity’s brand – and all representing our core values: Being very easy for the charity to implement, having transparent pricing, giving 100% of the donation to charity wherever possible and, lastly, only promoting the charity’s brand so that they build a relationship with their supporters.

Our platform can also enable partner charities to instantly accept cash donations from every post office in the country, radically increasing conversion from direct mail and online campaigns. We couldn’t believe it didn’t exist already – there were massive compliance and technology hurdles we had to overcome during implementation which, it turned out, was why nobody had done it before.

The platform requires no technical work to implement and ensures that charities receive 100% of donations from the gift card as well as all Gift Aid straight away. Everything is hosted by CharityCASH, which also handles all payments and fraud issues, as well as phone and email customer support.  It has already been adopted by the Carers Trust, Shine, Oxfam NI and Walking with the Wounded and others.

CharityCASH has a limited number of charities going live each month. If your organisation is interested in getting involved, you can contact them using the form below:

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