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The Bone Cancer Research Trust adopts Storage Made Easy solution

UK charity The Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT), has selected Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise File Sync and Share software solution.

The Storage Made Easy solution was chosen due to its ability to enable the cloud to be integrated into the desktop by use of Storage Made Easy’s Cloud Drive’s which enables cloud data to be accessed from File Manager’s and Applications as if they were local to the user’s desktop. Integration with Microsoft Outlook was also important as it simplified the data sharing process for cloud based documents and files.

Offering real-time auditing, as well as password protection and date and time restrictions, with the ability to revoke access, SME enables BCRT users to remain in control of the information they share.

Given the unique nature of the charity and given that many of its members are volunteers that donate their own time freely, Storage Made Easy has also functioned as first line support to the charity.

Bone Cancer Research Trust CEO Julie Harrington said: “As we gather pace and profile towards our 10th anniversary year, it is vitally important our growing army of staff and volunteers across the country can access our network. SME’s system helps us to achieve this, so whether you’re based at our Leeds head office or part of a regional fundraising group in Bristol, we can all work together in an effective and secure way to raise vital awareness and funds for primary bone cancer research.”

Storage Made Easy CEO Jim Liddle stated: “BCRT’s decision to select Storage Made Easy reflects the growing requirement for not just companies but also small businesses and large companies to provide an integrated desktop experience for users of Cloud systems and secures the sensitive information of the business, and one which provides fully end-to-end auditing to satisfy any compliance initiatives that exist now or will be introduced as part of forthcoming European initiatives.”


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