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Oxfam to trial NFC mobile donations

As mobile payments continue to grow in popularity, Oxfam is launching a Near Field Communication (NFC) trial, which could prove a crucial part of the charity’s future donation mix.

Supporters will be able to tap their mobile phones on an interactive poster in Oxfam shops in Henley and Northampton, to give money to the charity. The NFC posters will appear next to standard poster advertising to measure the strength of engagement.

Oxfam’s digital fundraising lead Matt Jerwood said: “We thought should it be contactless or should it be NFC? More people have access to contactless right now, which is good, but there is no onward ability to have a dialogue or share content.”

“We don’t want it to be interruptive in terms of street fundraising so if people have got a good conversation happening we don’t want them to say ‘ah just tap my wristband and see you later’, but we hope at the end of the conversation they might tap it and get a video about our work or get something that is bit more of a takeaway.”

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