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40acts Lent campaign records 2.9 million “acts of generosity”

Stewardship’s annual 40acts campaign over the 40 days of Lent results in 2.9 million ‘acts of generosity’.

The campaign, which began on Ash Wednesday, had 75,000 participants as engagement reached its highest level in its five-year history.

Participants were invited to engage in small charitable acts each day. Despite many giving confectionary up for Lent, #chocolatetuesday, where people gave out free chocolate bars or sweets to strangers, was one of the most popular themes of the campaign.

Other acts included corresponding with prison inmates, cleaning graffiti, giving strangers flowers or coffees.

The campaign was designed to “make living generously a daily habit” and stressed that charitable acts and good deeds extends beyond financial donations.

The 40acts Facebook group doubled in size from 12,000 members the previous years, and participants shared evidence of their charitable acts in Instagram as the group’s following tripled to 2,700.

Alexandra Khan, from the 40acts team at Stewardship, said: “It’s been a phenomenal year. The 40acts community is an incredible mix of people from all over the world.

We’ve loved hearing their stories, seeing new friendships forged, and watching a ripple of generosity happen throughout Lent. For the last 40 days, the motto was ‘do Lent generously’. But now? Now it’s time to ‘do Life generously’.”

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