New app donates companies’ money to charity by clicking

Participating businesses agree to donate one euro for each time a user clicks on the profile of the company’s partnered charity, using the Tinbox app.

| 2nd Apr 15

Tinbox is a new app to allow users to donate large companies’ money to charity just though clicking on their smartphone.

Participating companies agree to donate one euro for each time a user clicks on the profile of a charity that the company is partnered with through the app.

Users select which cause they want to support and a list of items that the charity requires will open and the user can then determine which product their donation should support.

The companies benefit from the purchase as the app shows the sponsoring company’s logo to the user for five seconds, however there are no other forms of advertising, such as pop-up ads, nor is the user obliged to take any action over the logo.

For the companies it boosts their brand awareness and create customer support through its charitable partnerships.

The app’s owners say they are in discussions with multiple large brands and smaller businesses; software company SAP has reportedly already agreed to fund 10,000 clicks.

Charities already registered for the app include EXCITED an STEM educational charity for children in Ireland and Electricians Without Borders, a volunteer group of electricians serving those most in need of electrical support.

Tinbox addresses the engagement of charitable supporters who cannot afford to donate, according to the app’s co-founder David Linderman who says “we solve the problem of not being able to donate to the charity they care about, our vision is that everyone is able to support the causes” regardless of their financial situation.

The app is currently in a beta phase but is expected to launch publicly within the next few weeks.