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How to boost donor loyalty

Brand loyalty is a concept talked about commonly amongst businesses; a phrase which demonstrates the deeper relationship a customer has with your organisation which keeps them coming back to you over your competitors.

Charities should think along a similar tangent; gaining loyalty among supporters and beneficiaries is equally important.

There are many charities out there, large and small, campaigning for the same mission. What makes your charity the most worthy of supporters’ hard-earned cash? How do they pick from a handful of similar charities?

Check out these top three tips on how your charity can build donor loyalty:

  1. Be transparent. Charities sharing details of where each donation is going tend to generate more brand loyalty. People want to know that their contribution is making a difference. Do this by sharing examples, videos and frequent updates into how donations are being spent.
  2. Forge emotional connections with donors. Give them a deeper understanding of what you do and how their money helps achieve this. Share stories, get them involved in volunteer work. People want to be involved in the bigger picture.
  3. Have unique traditions and events. Be inventive; come up with ideas which other charities don’t do. Give supporters something to look forward to every year, be it a 5k run, coffee morning, or growing a moustache.

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