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Mobile fundraising platform ABC reaches $1m milestone

AuctionsByCellular (ABC) has revealed its in-game bidding platform has reached over $1m in total funds raised, just months after it was awarded the coveted Chicago Innovation Award in October.

The platform, which aims to connect sports teams raising needed charity funds during games with thousands of fans, is already used by 11 leading professional sports franchises across the USA.

The easy-to-use platform allows bidders to just text in a keyword while sitting in their seat during the game to can start viewing auction items. Once they are ready to bid they just enter their credit card information and they are all set.  The software even sends them a text notification if they get out bid by other fans.

Via the platform, sports teams holding the actions can also send reminders via text about special items or the auction closing time.  If fans successfully win an item they can pay their bill right from their phone with a push of a button.

The cross-platform capabilities of ABC means that bidders do not need to be at the particular sports game to bid as they can do it from their home computer, tablet or mobile device. Once a fan has registered for the auction, they can bid on any in-game silent action via the ABC platform.

ABC Founder and CEO Jim Alvarez said: “Silent auctions are a great way for teams to raise much needed funds for their respective charities during their games. Its a time when they receive the full and passionate support of their fans. The problem is that in-game auctions are often inconvenient for fans attending the event and impossible for stay-at-home fans to bid on. Our mobile bidding solution gives the auction a high level of exposure to everyone, both at the game and at home.”

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