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How to use content marketing to bring in donors

Content marketing has become a vital tool for charities, as people like to see exactly where their donation is going.

It is increasingly being used to extend reach, bring in more traffic and produce leads for organisations.

Here are five top tips for getting leads from your content marketing efforts.

  • Make sure your content looks good and reads well. It sounds obvious, but your readers will judge content by its presentation, so make sure it looks professional and is edited by people who know what they’re doing. Bad content will lead to mistrust, which won’t help you bring in any donations.
  • Promote your most popular content. If something is trending, or being shared a lot, there is a good reason behind it. So promote it in a ‘spotlight column’, encouraging readers to click through even more articles.
  • Make your content easily accessible. People are most likely to stay engaged if the content is free to access or hooks them in.
  • Allow people to test your content. Let potential clients to take a quick look at your content, as well as client satisfaction ratings, to reel people in.
  • Communicate with your biggest supporters. These people are your biggest assets; they have valuable insight that you can tap in to, which will help your charity achieve its goals.

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