How to get your website up to scratch

Slow websites and complicated donation processes prevent millions of pounds in aid from going to good causes every year. But what goes into a good non-profit website?

Matt Moorut | 12th Mar 15

According to Ethical Studios – a website development company that works exclusively with non-governmental organisations, charities and ethical companies – non-profits should design their websites with specific goals in mind: To effectively tell their stories, engage with key donors, attract funding and make the wider world aware of their initiatives.

This in itself is a tall order, but in a world where smartphones are ubiquitous there’s another factor to think about. Ethical Studios writes: “As mobile surpasses desktop, responsive design – web content that adapts to any screen – will soon be required of all websites.”

While the demands of an increasingly digital world may be daunting, success stories do exist.

By investing in quality website development – and utilising tools like intuitive user journeys, integrated social media channels, interactive maps and icons to highlight  core benefits – non-profits like the Allanblackia Partnership and the Bonn Challenge were able to raise enough funds to allocate vital resources to their causes and re-invest in their organisations.

To learn more about how these organisations built successful websites – and to learn what options exist for your own – download the case study below: