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How to turn supporters into peer-to-peer fundraising champions

What makes people donate to charity? Previously it has been assumed that people who donate have a personal connection with a cause, yet we are increasingly seeing that people are donating to a charity because a friend of theirs supports it.

People like to share donations on their social media, and encourage followers to do the same. These types of dedicated supporters, who not only raise funds, but also work to spread awareness of your cause, are vital in helping your charity’s mission. This makes peer-to-peer fundraising an essential tool for charities all over the world.

Here are five ways that charities can help supporters grow into peer-to-peer fundraising champions:

  1. Put the fun into fundraising. Give supporters different options to boost engagement. Hold events, races and team challenges to involve people on a number of levels.
  1. Provide a personalised donation page. Include features such as a donation progress bar and social media share buttons. This can also be integrated into your charity’s CRM system to automatically input contact information.
  1. Define fundraising goals. Let supporters know exactly what you need from them, but make it realistic and achievable. For first-time peer-to-peer fundraisers, you might want to start out with a smaller goal amount.
  1. Share social media best practices. Once supporters are ready to launch their peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, your charity should give them some best practices to follow when sharing posts on social media. Give them examples or templates they can refer to when asking peers to donate.
  1. Be encouraging. Peer-to-peer fundraising takes some of the pressure off development staff, but they should maintain involvement throughout and help supporters reach their goals. Send thank you notes and encouragement throughout their campaign.



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