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How to create a multichannel fundraising campaign

On Wednesday 11th March at 3pm, CharityHowto will be holding a 90 minute webinar to teach charities how to create a successful multi-channel fundraising campaign strategy which integrates direct mail, email, mobile, social media, pop-up events and contests.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why multi-channel campaigns produce results
  • Review an award-winning campaign case study you can replicate in total or pieces
  • How to develop a multi-channel campaign strategy for success
  • How to set critical multi-channel campaign goals
  • How to identify key campaign metrics to track success
  • How to choose channels aligned with specific campaign goals
  • How to develop clear, simple and human messaging that inspires giving
  • How to leverage existing assets in your campaign (content, video, social media, etc.) to save you time and money
  • How to develop a campaign *schedule of activities to keep you on track
  • How to leverage volunteers and staff to make your campaign go viral
  • Learn proven strategies for engaging the millennial generation

Click here to sign up.

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