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World’s first visually powered digital out of home campaign launched

Ocean, Women’s Aid and WCRS are collaborating on an interactive campaign which aims to raise awareness about domestic violence, in a world first for digital out of home.

The campaign features an interactive billboard which shows the image of a bruised woman with the simple imperative, “Look at me”. It employs a unique use of facial recognition technology which allows the interactive billboards to recognise when people actively pay attention to an image of a bruised woman. Those who look at the billboard get feedback via a live video feed that runs along the bottom of the ad as a visual ticker-tape, registering an increasing number of viewers.

As more people take notice of the image of the women, her bruises slowly heal, demonstrating to passers-by that they can help confront the signs of domestic violence by not turning a blind eye. The collaboration is a world first because this is the first time the attention of people looking at the digital screens triggers an immediate change in the creative.

The campaign premieres on Thursday, March 5th at Ocean’s full motion Canary Wharf screen in London and then rolls out to the Birmingham Bullring and Westfield London on March 7th and 8th.

Charity ambassadors will provide on the spot information and drive social media interaction using SMS and Tweets to encourage people to make a charity donation.

The initiative is supported on Channel 4 with a specially introduced 30 second prime time TV spot.

Ocean CEO Tim Bleakley said: “This is powerful stuff. The link between our premium screens as a live and changing canvas to publicly address an issue that often goes unreported demonstrates the dynamic capability of digital out of home to amplify an incredibly important issue. The TV spots on Channel 4 will promote the importance of the message and the work of Women’s Aid.”

Ross Neil, creative director at WCRS, said: “We are proud to be the first agency to demonstrate cause and effect to audiences by using facial recognition technology in this large-scale billboard format. The simplicity of the advert’s wording and image implicates passers-by in their inactivity before the advanced technology demonstrates how they personally can make a change in the fight against domestic violence by engaging with it.”

The campaign is already an award winner, taking the Interactive Award in Ocean’s annual Art of Outdoor competition 2014.


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  • mishka

    these billboards are fake! They are comps and never happened. Look at an enlarged image of this billboard, see the edges of the image touching the screen, and how it cuts through the plants. They should not post comps of a campaign and take credit for it as if it happened. This is bad advertising practices.