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Is mobile advertising right for your organisation?

Mobile is increasingly becoming the main screen accessed throughout the day and in turn mobile marketing has developed into a sophisticated, personalised marketing channel for non-profits hoping to attract and retain donors.

According to audience measurement and real-time advertising specialist Quantcast: “Traditional online and offline advertising campaigns can fail to reach consumers at some of the most important points. Additionally, as consumers are spending more than a quarter of their time exclusively on mobile, you risk missing potential customers whose primary consumption is on mobile.”

But how can you ensure that your organisation’s investment will pay off?

From basic issues like ensuring that your website is mobile-ready to more complex undertakings like tailoring your message specifically to mobile users, there are a host of boxes you need to tick in order to make the most of mobile.

How to be successful in mobile advertising, a new white paper from Quantcast, is a comprehensive guide to the mobile advertising landscape. Including a complete checklist for mobile marketing success, information on mobile trends and a rundown of your mobile advertising options it is a must-have for forward-looking non-profits.

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  • Dane Smolinski

    I think mobile advertising is right for every organization, but not every ad platform is right for any organization. Facebook is great for some, not for others. Ad platforms like Airpush and maybe Millennial Media have more universal appeal because they can target and optimize the mobile ad experience in a host of ways that make campaigns more relevant and ultimately effective. Do your homework and find what’s right for you. But no organization should be overlooking mobile advertising. Not in 2015.