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How to use Facebook videos more effectively

Charities posting videos on Facebook tend to get a higher engagement rate which can ultimately lead to more donations. Facebook videos also achieve more organic reach in news feed than article shares and other forms of content.

Why? Videos are shareable, eye-catching, and informative. They tell a story about your organisation which can’t be achieved through traditional texts posts, or even photos.

Check out these top three tips for using Facebook video to rally support for your charity:

  1. Educate. Drive viewer interest by teaching them something useful. Make it your mission to tell them your charity’s long term goals in a short, shareable video.
  1. Inspire. Videos with a meaningful message tend to strike a chord among viewers and encourage them to share. Reaching out on an emotive level could also spur them on to become a champion of your cause.
  1. Use ‘Watch Video’ Call-to-Action. Charities are able to draw attention to videos on their website from the cover image on Facebook, using its Call-to-Action button. This can draw people to your website and encourage them to donate.

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