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10 steps to protect your charity (Guest Post)

In this guest post, Matt Moorut, Marketing Executive at Tech Trust, discusses the government’s recent publication on cyber risk management.

The government recently put together a list of 10 steps to help organisations protect themselves in cyberspace.

According to their own statistics, 60% of SMEs and 81% of large companies were subject to some form of cyber-attack in 2014. While these figures are actually slightly lower than those for the previous year, the average cost of these attacks has almost doubled in just one year.

Their advice is aimed more at larger organisations with IT departments, so not everything will be feasible for smaller charities.

If you do work for a small charity, the best advice really is to make sure your operating system and web browser is up to date, that you have good antivirus protection (this is available to charities here), that you encrypt any memory sticks etc. that you keep sensitive data on, and that you use long, secure passwords.

Click here for the full list of tips.

10 Steps to Cyber Security infographic



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