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5 reasons your non-profit needs the cloud

The growing popularity of the cloud is no accident: Cloud-based IT website management and fundraising systems are an informed choice for a number of reasons.

Responsive, powerful and agile, fundraising via the cloud is not just about accessing your charity’s reporting and administration online. It’s also a proven way of improving efficiency and saving you time and money. Current technology also offers the highest-grade security benefits yet.

According to David Hallett, CEO of Xperedon: “As the digital landscape evolves, increasing competitiveness and cost-effectiveness have become priorities for charities looking to keep ahead of the curve.

“The cloud can offer a professional IT service that meets the complex needs of a modern charitable organisation. Equally importantly, the flexibility and performance of the cloud helps charities meet the demands of their target audiences, including donors and supporters.”

Here are five of the most compelling reasons to consider the cloud:

Data security

Data is stored securely and remotely online reducing risks of theft and other losses.

Going green

Environmental organisations recognise how off-site data servers can reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.


What could be better for your organisation than remote access 24-7 and instant real-time collaborations between employees, wherever they might be?


As well as driving cost-savings and increasing organisational effectiveness, the agility of the cloud allows charities to boost productivity and improve communications and, if necessary, scale up quickly to manage increased workloads.

Centralised performance

Remove in-house headaches with central system maintenance, automatic and seamless updates and improvements, and ongoing technical back-up.

Find out more about the benefits of Xperedon’s bespoke cloud-based solutions here.

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