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Rackspace provides free cloud services to It’s Our World project

Cloud provider Rackspace is offering its services for free in support of ‘It’s Our World’, the UK’s largest art project celebrating the environment and promoting sustainability.

The charity website is a collection of artwork from young people across the country, and due to the large amount of submissions, needs to be able to handle big traffic spikes. It therefore needed scalability, intensive support and commitment to the environment from its cloud provider.

Joshua Blavins, Project Manager, Overthrow Digital said: “When working with our previous hosting provider, a high percentage of my time was spent maintaining the website infrastructure. This made it difficult to focus on my more strategic responsibilities which deliver more value to the project. Now that the Rackspace managed cloud service is in place, it’s no longer a worry. We particularly saw a benefit of this when setting up the solution as a Rackspace team of Solutions Architects developed a bespoke, scalable solution very quickly which was just what we needed.”

Jeff Cotten, MD Rackspace International, said: “Rackspace has long been associated with helping charities power their online presence. ‘It’s Our World’ doesn’t have a group of in-house specialists available to maintain the IT infrastructure, so using our team of experts has allowed it to focus on promoting the great artwork these young people are creating rather than on managing servers.

“It’s great to hear that the team behind this initiative wanted to work with us due to our eco-friendly values. I’m proud of the various green initiatives that we are committed to, including running our UK office and data centre sites on 100% certified renewable energy. An increasing number of our customers really appreciate our strong green credentials.”

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