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How to use social media to boost donations

Social media has a very strong role to play in helping your charity increase its retention rate and donations.

It is often the case that one-off donors don’t give again because they feel undervalued or unrecognised for their contribution. While trying to find new supporters is important, keeping regular donors affiliated with your charity will ultimately be more rewarding.

Here are a few top tips on how to utilise social media to keep those regular donors coming back:

  1. Use social media to tell everyone what your charity is up to. People are nosy. Often people giving to charity are concerned about where their money is going. Address this feeling of doubt by sharing photos and videos of those whose lives have been affected positivity by your charity’s work.
  2. Share the stories of your donors. Charitable giving has changed; many people don’t want to give anonymously anymore. Just look at the rise of viral fundraising campaigns; people want their friends and followers to know they support charitable organisations. This is particularly true of Gen Y donors, and since they are the future, it’s probably worth paying attention. Highlight personal donor stories, taking the time to find out a bit about them and why they want to help your cause. This will spur them and others on to come back and donate again.
  3. Plug events and campaigns, urging people to get involved and show their support. Share photos and links to donation pages, keeping followers in the loop and making the donation process as seamless as possible.
  4. Communicate with your supporters. When people donate to your cause, tweet them to say thank you. Most importantly, don’t be a robot. People appreciate the personal touch, so maintain a consistent, informative yet friendly voice on social media.
  5. During high donation periods, test your campaigns. If your charity is affiliated with a certain awareness month, use this time wisely to create strong, shareable campaigns and drive for donations. Take example from Movember and Dryathlon, which have become household names. Share your campaigns across your social media channels, boost and promote posts where possible and keep an eye out for followers who could become regular donors.

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