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Will NFC replace bucket donations?

Cancer Research UK’s new director of brand, marketing and PR, Anthony Newman, has big plans to overhaul the charity’s brand and marketing strategy to embed a direct response call to its audience via all its future communications.

The charity wants to explore Near Field Communications (NFC) and digital out-of-home (OOH) marketing in more depth. Newman even predicted that NFC could replace cash donations via its bucket collections, as consumers continue to adopt contactless technology.

Cancer Research UK recently trialled accepting contactless card donations via four of its shop windows. Newman said: “It’s a great way of engaging the public and that trend of digital outdoor and near-field contact coming together is really exciting for advertising as a whole but also for the [charity] sector.

“A chunk of income for this organisation is very generously donated by people putting money in buckets, but we can’t create any type of relationship through that. NFC has the potential to create longer relationships. It doesn’t automatically, because the rules aren’t if someone pays by NFC you gather all of their data, but that kind of the technology in the future is going to allow us to do direct marketing in different ways that we’ve done in the past.”

The charity will begin to roll out the new strategy as soon as the planning process is completed in around six months’ time.


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  • Redtabby21

    Oh dear – why oh why is it that as soon as a new Director (usually from a retail/financial background) comes on board they want to re brand (more money spent) and the buzz word now ‘re-strategise’. What is happening to the charity sector lately. All too often the charities we all love and want to work for are being bastardised by people too bored with their preferred line of career. So guess what, they join a charity and ride roughshod over everything that has been built up over the years.. I am not a dinosaur and I think that social media and NFC has rightfully earned its place in the Third Sector but wouldn’t it be refreshing just for once to hear about a new Director or whatever fancy title they have – i.e. Income Generator, Strategy Thinker! actually listening to their staff and supporters on how to shape the future of the charity.