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Charities are failing to realise potential of online fundraising

According to new research by Virgin Money Giving, in partnership with Third Sector Insight, charities across the UK are not maximising the potential of online fundraising.

Over 550 charities were surveyed, operating in areas as diverse as children and youth services, animal welfare, health and overseas aid. The report found:

  • Only 2% of charities feel they are maximising online fundraising as a donation channel
  • More than half (52%) of respondents believe they are not making the most of online fundraising
  • Almost 10% of charities do not use online fundraising at all
  • Close to 8 out of 10 charities say online fundraising accounts for less than 20% of annual donations
  • 36% of the largest charities in the survey, with turnovers in excess of £250 million, receive less than 1% of their income digitally

Even among charities that are generating a significant income stream from online fundraising, most believe there are more opportunities to be exploited.

The reasons why charities are reluctant either to embark on online fundraising, or expand their online presence, can be distilled into three areas – a perceived lack of online expertise, a feeling that online fundraising can be impersonal, and cost.

Jo Barnett, Executive Director at Virgin Money Giving said: “We hope this report will encourage charities of all sizes to feel more confident about using online fundraising and the support we can give them, not only to start fundraising online but to maximise their impact by helping them to personalise their content, reach more people and fundamentally – raise more funds for those who need it.”

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