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Your London, Your Helicopter campaign launches

London’s Air Ambulance has launched its biggest ever fundraising drive through its ‘Your London, Your Helicopter’ campaign.  The charity hopes to raise the remaining £4.4million needed to acquire and sustain a second helicopter for London and fly extended daylight flying hours.

yourlondon.helicopter went live on Monday and it will take you to the campaign section of the website.  From there, donations can be made to build the helicopter.

There is also a dedicated microsite with a helicopter shell waiting to be built.  When people donate, they will find out which aircraft part they have helped to buy, which can then be shared on social media or via email, thereby encouraging their friends and colleagues to do the same.  As the totaliser reaches certain targets, the helicopter build gets nearer to completion.

Graham Hodgkin, Chief Executive Officer, London’s Air Ambulance, said:“When London’s current, and only, emergency medical helicopter is offline for servicing or maintenance, our patients need us to have recourse to a second helicopter immediately.

“We deliver advanced trauma care 24/7 but we want to ensure we can get to our patients as quickly as possible during daylight hours. When we are able to fly we can deliver the hospital to your side, wherever you are, up to eight times faster than in a response car. To do this consistently we vitally need a second helicopter.  London’s Air Ambulance has been operational for 25 years and has treated over 32,000 critically injured people, where time makes a difference. £4.4 million might seem like a large amount but if everyone donates just £5 today we could have your helicopter in the air by the summer.”  


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