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The advantages of using custom web and IT solutions (Guest Post)

david xperedon

David Hallett is CEO of Xperedon, a fundraising organisation whose unique platform is designed to boost fundraising and remove overheads. 

As a charity are you getting the most out of your digital fundraising and web experience?

Despite the availability of off-the-shelf solutions and non-industry-specific products, many of the charities I encounter in my day-to-day are now looking to improve their performance online in terms of fundraising activity, commerce and Customer Relationship Management and the investment they are making.

Initially off-the-shelf web solutions can seem like a sensible option, offering simplicity and a ready-made package. In my experience from the world of business, however, custom IT solutions always end up being a much better choice. This is manifested in terms of costs, delivery times and ongoing maintenance but most importantly in terms of “fitting” the business and its work processes together to meet the needs of customers across multiple channels.

Off-the-shelf solutions always result in a compromise while industry-specific and purpose-built systems based on a detailed understanding of an organisation’s goals and requirements frees up the client to do all sorts of other things. This includes improved day-to-day business management, as well as time for innovation, strategy and forward planning; and ultimately this investment offers better long-term satisfaction, and will lead to a good return on investment. Studies also show a connection between investments in sophisticated industry-specific IT and increased business effectiveness and client satisfaction.

In the increasingly competitive marketplace for charities, many of the world’s leading non-profits are waking up to the need for industry-specific solutions for their fundraising, communications and engagement needs, such as those that we provide at Xperedon.

What’s more, the development of your own web solutions with all your fundraising tools, payment processing, data and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) rolled into one convenient cloud-based location can be delivered a lot more easily than you think.

Your own high-tech specialised web fundraising solution can be developed and installed to work for your organisation and your organisation alone within an agreed time frame, empowering you to drive your charity forward. These solutions offer the flexibility and performance needed for any ambitious fundraising CEO who wants to meet the demands of the new digital economy. All with a reliable expert partner permanently on hand to ease all your pain-points as and when they arise and help you handle your ambitious plans for the future.

Imagine a secure, flexible, and user-friendly cloud-based system that manages all your donation processing, e-commerce, subscriptions, memberships management, blogs, news updates, video updates, project fundraising, ticket sales, sponsorship appeals, real-time alerts and social media engagement and has been developed specifically for your organisation.

A purpose-built system offering reduced and shared costs and a single point of administration online can give your organisation the confidence and freedom of mind to meet the challenges of the future. Fortunately this industry-specific and trusted solution does exist via Xperedon and is readily available to go to work for you.

Any forward-thinking charity, social business or other fundraising organisation can benefit from this engine, the substantial investment, development and robustness behind it, and discover the value that it delivers.

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  • Really Useful Stuff

    Really Useful Stuff has partnered with Xperedon for the last 3 years to build a bespoke fully accessible platform to help us design a shop which can also manage the VAT exemption issue on independent living products. Xperedon is a great team of agile like minded people who deliver –

    • Thank you for this glowing testimonial. It has been, and still is, and absolute pleasure working on this project!

  • James Cannon

    I’ve looked deeper at Xperedon and how they’re helping
    Charities with their Digital Fundraising activities is state-of-the-art and ground-breaking
    in comparison what exists in the Charity sector at present. I’m going to get in
    touch with these guys.

    • I’m in the UK a few times a month, and happy to meet up! Just drop us a line using the contact form at

      • James Cannon

        Thanks, David. It would be a pleasure to put a time in busy diary to have a meet up in London to find out how we can build a synergy between Xperedon’s Digital Fundraising solutions and our Charity.

  • The argument here is off-the-shelf Vs bespoke systems, however Open Source solutions seems to have been ignored completely.

    Bespoke solutions do have the benefits outlined but tie you to one provider and compared to open source some of the benefits aren’t benefits at all. Open source (Such as CMS’ like Drupal) can often be cheaper to build on, have great customisation and integration ability and allows the charity/client to take development in house/elsewhere if they choose to.

    • Hi Paul. You are right to point out the merits of Open Source and all of us at Xperedon are fans of OS solutions. However, 30 years of experience tells me that the effort required to shoe-horn requirements into OS solutions, Drupal, Joomla, etc. far outweighs the benefits of any potential cost savings.

      I’ve managed SAP projects that suffer the same issues. It’s nigh impossible to make a non-specific catch-all framework that covers all industries and needs effectively. With hindsight, all of those projects would have been better being built from the ground up using a more specific framework designed to fit the needs more closely.

      Added to this there are serious security concerns when using OS systems and nobody can put their hand on their heart and call them 100% safe. When you are handling sensitive personal information and processing credit card payments, diligence is the watch word and there is no responsible charity CTO that should take this lightly.

      However, it also depends on what charity we are talking about,, and what their objectives are. We work mostly with middle to large charities with complex requirements and large teams. But if you have a small charity with simple requirement, and want no more than a Donate button that goes to an external site, then OS still remains a good choice, just not the best choice. We do that better too :)