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New app to help charities maximise online video fundraising

Video monetisation specialists InPlayer have launched a unique app designed to help charities optimise fundraising opportunities through their online video content.

The product –Donations – is a paywall that prompts viewers to donate in real time, the precise time when they are most emotionally invested and inclined to contribute. Donations negates the need for viewers to wait for the video to finish or to remember a phone number or web address and then make a call or go to another screen or website, all distractions which can prevent a donation from being made.

Donations can also be used with educational video content to capture a viewer’s contact details allowing the organisation to keep in touch with people who express an interest in their work, but where it’s inappropriate to prompt for a donation.

The analytics provided with Donations also let organisations see how a video is performing in terms of donation and engagement in real time, allowing them to develop a greater understanding of what content creates the best ROI among their target audience.

Jean-Charles Lacoste, managing director, InPlayer, said: “Non- profit organisations are told time and again that video is the best content marketing tool they can use. Over one billion videos are watched on Facebook every day and Mark Zuckerberg has stated that, within five years, the majority of content on Facebook will be video. There’s no doubting non-profit organisations have the skill and creativity required to make incredibly powerful video content. The problem lies in how they monetise that content and whether they are maximising its potential as a fundraising tool. We’re not sure that they are, especially across social media, and that’s why we have developed Donations.”

“We understand how competitive fundraising is and how organisations need to be smart creatively and financially. That’s why we’ve ensured Donations is a really cost effective option – it makes use of existing content, it’s designed to be used on video that’s broadcast on free promotional channels such as YouTube and Facebook, and there is no set up cost, just a flat monthly fee of £27, plus a very low revenue share based on performance.”


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