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Are digital CVs the next big thing?

According to a new survey from graduate recruitment site Kloodle, 42% of UK students think traditional paper CVs simply don’t cut it anymore.

Respondents said that trying to express themselves on one page simply does not give them scope to showcase their skills.  Despite this, 57% are still using that format.

Nicky Sidebottom, talent and resourcing specialist at the Manchester Airport Group says: “For decades the traditional CV has played a key role in recruitment. However, employers and job hunters are not embracing all the online world has to offer as well. The constrictive traditional CV format can be limiting, as it can give a one-dimensional overview of an applicant’s past accomplishments and skills, without getting any real insight into their actual capabilities and true potential.”

Phil Hayes, founder and CEO of Kloodle says: “With digital being such an integral part of everyday business, it makes total sense that a traditional CV format should be shunned in favour of other social and digital approaches.”

Additionally, over half of respondents would like more careers advice on how to create a digital CV that stands out from the crowd. Could digital CVs be the next big thing in recruitment practice?

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  • Mark Emmerson

    I totally agree with Phil’s comments – having started an
    Employment Service within two Further Educational colleges we found that
    Employers responded positively to video applications alongside a standard CV
    for their Apprentice positions – 90% hit ratio.

    The main barrier we found was engaging candidates to upload relevant
    content – basically selling themselves and displaying their skills as well as
    the technical knowledge of the staff in helping them achieve a visual CV- in
    fact most candidates required help completing a paper based CV. Training for
    staff along with sound advice is the key to enable younger candidates to
    develop the confidence and skills required to enhance this medium.

    There are a couple of platforms already developed that can
    offer solutions but to my knowledge the educational sector has not grasped the
    full potential that could be achieved through the use of digital and social