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Fake PuppySwap ad from Toronto Humane Society goes viral

Toronto Humane Society has launched a new spoof campaign to raise awareness of pet abandonment, which has quickly gone viral.

The advertising campaign for a fake company, PuppySwap, promises an easy way to swap one puppy for another when it becomes older and less cute.

It has certainly struck a chord in many people, having achieved over 100 thousand views on YouTube since the campaign launched on Friday.

Makyla Deleo, manager of media relations and event logistics for the THS, says the concept came from Toronto ad agency Grip Limited.

David Soberman, professor of marketing at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, said: “It’s so outrageous that it captures your attention, and that’s one of the biggest battles in marketing.”

Matthew Thomson, a marketing professor at Ivey Business School said: “Before a person watches to the end of the video, this unexpected idea of trading in your dog when you get tired of it will be upsetting and induce anger and outrage. It’ll engage by getting the blood boiling.”




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