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Three-year outlook: NFP optimism on the rise

Almost 40% of not-for-profit organisations are more optimistic about the sector’s future than they were three years ago, according to research by Access Group.

The software consultancy and developer, which polled more than 300 NFP professionals at their October 2014 customer conference, found that 32.9% of respondents are “slightly” more optimistic of the three years to come, while a further 6.8% are “significantly” more optimistic.

The majority of respondents (38.4%) reported feeling about the same.

The white paper, Evolution of Technology, Social & the Future, examines the makeup of this optimism, providing a clear and coherent snapshot of the pressures and opportunities set to drive evolution in the NFP sector over the next three years.

The paper claims: “Whilst there is growing optimism, it is with a sense of caution. But the road ahead does not have to be taken with trepidation. There are clearly many opportunities; it’s just important to understand that they may not be the same type of opportunities that were available in the past.”

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