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How to revamp your charity’s email newsletter design

Email marketing

An email newsletter provides a great way for charities to reach out to their supporters, boost donations, promote events and drive traffic to their main websites.

Here are ten top tips to make sure your email newsletter doesn’t get lost among the masses:

  1. Choose an email service provider which offers well-designed templates which can be easily customised
  2. Choose a clean template design, and consider a responsive option for mobile devices
  3. Make your brand clear on the template and include your logo at the top
  4. List your content in order of importance, highest at the top
  5. Use high quality images to catch the readers eye, but don’t overdo it
  6. Include a small blurb about your charity’s aims and link back to your website
  7. Include social sharing links, giving readers the chance to share your stories online
  8. Add links to your charity’s social media to help grow your online presence
  9. Include a prominent donate button
  10. Give readers the option to unsubscribe, even if it’s a small note at the bottom.




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  • Some very helpful tips here thank you. I find when we design our emails we get a good amount of click throughs by inserting a hyperlink in the logo on the email, so when a person presses the logo it directs them through to our site. I think this has become something which users almost expect to happen now in their emails so I would encourage people to do this too

  • ChrisM

    And 11 is? Make sure you proof read everything before hitting send perhaps…