Save the Children reveals digital intentions

| 19th Dec 14

Save the Children is planning to overhaul its ‘unsophisticated’ digital strategy with personalised donating pages and tailored content as it adds the finishing touches to its international brand voice.

The charity has appointed SapientNitro to lead the digital transformation which aims to better serve the needs of supporters and partners while it expands its global reach.

Save the Children’s director of marketing and communications Sue Allchurch told The Drum that the charity is endgame is to better connect people with the work that they do.

In order to furnish the necessary people – such as corporate partners – with the necessary knowledge and understanding, the charity is planning a Wikipedia-esque product giving access to their own and additional information on “child protection, survival, education, and nutrition.”

The charity also wants to create a simple solution for those who are looking for a simple way to donate via the Save the Children website. The eventual goal could be to create a personalised platform for each supporter consisting of a fundraising page tailored content to suit their individual needs.

Allchurch added that the charity aims to encourage user generated content by equipping people on the ground with basic filming equipment to catch events as they happen.

The Save the Children brand is also going to be reimagined to push information from the perspective of the child, rather than keeping it adult driven. Following this drive, the charity will be encouraging teenagers and young adults to campaign of behalf of their peers.

The charity is hiring a digital director and adding to its social teams in preparation for the new digital offering. In time, however, the charity hopes to do away with the term ‘digital’ in order to recognised that in modern communications there is no longer a digital or non-digital option.