Small charities set to benefit from 1m euro Social Innovation Project

| 18th Dec 14

Up to one hundred and fifty charities in six countries will benefit from a 1 million euro initiative to make their communications activities more efficient and impactful.

The Social Innovation Project, led by digital communications technology pioneers Mynewsdesk, will supply each charity with a new all-in-one brand newsroom and multimedia public relations platform free of charge as well as expert training and communications strategy support.

Employees in Mynewsdesk’s Swedish, German, UK, Danish, Norwegian and Singapore offices have each chosen small and worthy charities that align with their personal social concerns. A number of UK charities are set to benefit from the project .

The newsrooms will make the charities’ communications more efficient by enabling them to disseminate their content to all of their social media channels, email their distribution lists and update their website, with a single click of a button. The tool will then provide valuable insights into how each piece of content is performing, including a list of those who have opened and viewed the content sent to them via email. The network tool will also help the charities to identify and build relationships with key journalists and online influencers who can help them with their campaigns.

Peter Britten, Managing Director of Mynewsdesk UK, said: “Small charities simply do not have the advertising budgets of large charities and so are reliant on public relations and content marketing for both fundraising and campaigning on issues.

“The online newsrooms will give charities the easy to use tools to efficiently run more integrated communications campaigns across multiple platforms and channels using a variety of formats – text, video and images. The professional presentation of the newsrooms will have more impact upon opinion formers and donors.”