Social media for charities: are you getting it right?

Matt Moorut | 17th Dec 14

Are you making the most of social media’s potential within your organisation? What could you be doing differently and, most importantly, better?

A new report from Source sets out to help not-for-profits (NFPs) answer these questions, providing an insight into what other organisations are doing and suggesting strategies to make improvements within your own.

From the Ice Bucket Challenge to the #nomakeupselfie, social media has helped push some charity campaigns into the media spotlight, raising significant awareness and donations. But ‘viral’ campaigning is just one facet of how NFPs are, and should be, making use of social media.

The Social Media and Not-for-Profits report, sponsored by Advanced Business Solutions, presents the findings of a recent survey conducted among a range of NFP organisations about social media, how they’re using it, what platforms they’re using and what impact it’s having on their activities.

The results show that social media is having a positive impact on fundraising and donor recruitment for 96% of these organisations. However, despite this, lack of funds and internal resource are leaving NFPs wanting to do more with social media.

To this end, the report combines the results of this survey with practical advice from industry experts on the opportunities and different strategies available to NFP organisations when managing and using social media.

Whether its understanding your audience, getting your channel mix right or collecting, connecting and using data, the report offers valuable guidance to any not-for profit looking to give its social media strategy a boost.

Download the full report below to find out more: