How to encourage your fundraisers on social media

| 15th Dec 14

Social media is often used by charities to facilitate the fundraising process, but what about saying thank you to donors?

Publicly acknowledging your supporters on social media succeeds in encouraging not only their efforts but their loyalty to your charity’s cause. It will spur them on to do more in the future, as well as share their news with friends.

Here are three key tips for acknowledging supporters on social media:

  1. Adopt a personal approach. Single out your fundraisers, praising individual efforts. Give a bit of background about what they have achieved to show it means a lot to you.
  1. Share fundraisers’ stories. Each fundraiser goes on a journey; support them by posting photo updates to your own social media sites, such as training sessions for a marathon.
  1. Tie thank you posts into your next event and include a clear call to action. Demonstrate what others can achieve using one supporter’s success.