Improving online services for beneficiaries is the priority for charities in 2015

| 12th Dec 14

Charities have been quick to embrace the power of digital fundraising over the past year, but the rush to get on board has led to underinvestment in digital services and engagement with volunteers and beneficiaries, according to new research unveiled today.

The research from Eduserv, in conjunction with Civil Society, reveals that 46.7% of those surveyed said their charity had neglected to properly harness IT to engage volunteers, and 41.1% said there had not been enough focus on improving online services for beneficiaries.

However this is set to change in 2015 with improving online services for beneficiaries identified as the number one priority for charities in 2015, according to the 107 respondents to the survey drawn from charities across the UK.

The research also identified that while IT is taking a strategic role in charities, and 85% say senior managers support the use of IT in current and future service delivery, there is still a gap in the effectiveness with which IT works with the rest of the organisation.

The fact that barely one in two charities (54%) has an IT strategy aligned to future business needs is a cause for concern.

John Simcock, Charity Client Director, Eduserv said: “A lot of digital transformation to date has been driven by marketing or digital teams with a focus on fundraising. It’s important charities now put digital at the heart of their business and use it to improve services in other areas. This is starting to happen with beneficiary services being identified as a priority, however this needs to be reflected in the digital and IT strategies which in many cases are yet to be aligned to the business priorities. Only then will charities be able to identify where is the best place for them to invest their IT resource and budget.”

Eduserv is going to be holding a roundtable event for large charities to discuss the findings of this research. Email if you would be interested in taking part.

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