Bitesized Insight: Edwina Dunn, Dunnhumby and Starcount

| 10th Dec 14

Here’s the latest in our series of Bitesized Insights from Edwina Dunn, cofounder of Dunnhumby and Starcount, the company behind Tesco’s Clubcard, My Kroger Plus and other loyalty programmes around the world. She and her husband Clive founded Dunnhumby in their back bedroom in 1989 and by the time they retired in 2011, it had grown to an organisation of 1500 people, reaching 350m customers in 25 countries.

In her Bitesized Insight, Edwina talks about the importance of value exchange and why it’s now more important than ever for organisations to uniquely connect to every customer.

Enjoy the video below and look out for the next instalment next week.