Charities lose millions due to slow, unresponsive websites

| 5th Dec 14

According to new research from Peer 1 Hosting, despite a third of British and American consumers planning on giving more money to charities over the 2014 Christmas period, less than 25% plan to do so online and only 5% will use their mobile phone to donate.

The study analysed the opinions of 700 consumers from the UK and 700 from North American and found that responsive websites were of paramount importance for the nonprofit sector. Slow websites and complicated donation processes were found to be some of the key factors people gave for not donating online, potentially stopping aid reaching millions of people across the globe. The revelation means charity websites, in particular, need to increasingly focus on providing a fast and reliable service.

Sheila Bouman, executive vice president and managing director at Peer 1 Hosting, said: “In today’s modern world, people are increasingly carrying out their lives online; whether it’s connecting with family and friends via social media, managing their finances with internet banking, or buying and selling goods.”

“People now expect to be able to carry out tasks seamlessly online, and this is no different in the charity sector. However, it is clear that even though the motivation is there, people are struggling to donate to their chosen charities, which means these organisations are missing out on vital donations, which ultimately impacts those in need over Christmas.”