NPC’s innovative online survey helping charities measure impact

| 2nd Dec 14

Organisations working with 11-16 year olds have been benefiting from NPC’s Well-being Measure, an innovative online survey which measures the impact of their interventions on the well-being of the young people they work with.

The tool, which launched in 2011, uses validated questions sourced from academic research measuring eight aspects of well-being: self-esteem, resilience, emotional well-being, relationships with friends and family, satisfaction with community and school and overall life satisfaction.

Charities and schools have used NPC’s Well-being Measure to measure the change in well-being before and after an intervention, generating results that give context against a national baseline, which currently consists of 7,000 young people that have completed the survey, with this data gathered from over 50 organisations. Additionally, users can customise the survey to include additional questions and tags which enable results to be filtered into sub-groups.

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