How Paperless Direct Debit drives regular donations

Matt Moorut | 2nd Dec 14

So you’ve done the hard work and managed to reach someone who matches with your charity’s values, engages with your charity and is willing to donate – but how can you turn them from a one-off donor into a regular supporter?

With over 70% of UK adults conducting payment or transaction online in 2013, there is a huge and growing opportunity for charities to boost regular donations by integrating payment systems into their website. The problem for many charities is that by failing to offer a hassle free, online donation option, they are missing an opportunity to turn one-off donors into long-term regular supporters.

Integrating paperless Direct Debit into a charity’s website is widely regarded as the ‘preferred solution’, allowing charities to both increase levels of regular donations and cut their internal admin costs. Paperless Direct Debit is a convenient method of payment that enables donors to set-up Direct Debit payments to the charity via the charity’s website, without needing to speak to an operator, complete paper based forms or post paperwork to either the charity or their own bank.

A new guide from paperless Direct Debit experts, IE Design Consultancy, provides a comprehensive introduction for charities interested in implementing this payment solution.

Exploring the benefits and practicalities of implementation, the guide offers advice that will help you decide if this method could work for you, along with information on how to get started.

Download the full guide below to find out more about how paperless Direct Debit could help increase long-term, retained giving  and cut internal admin for your charity: